Up is Down; Crisscross is Backwards; and Bad is Good

Up is Down; Crisscross is Backwards; and Bad is Good We are living in a tumultuous time, maybe more than any of our ancestors ever envisioned in the United States. The textbooks list the eras in the USA as:Early AmericaThe Colonial PeriodRevolutionary AmericaThe Young RepublicExpansion, Reform, and TurmoilControversy, War, and ReconstructionSecond Industrial RevolutionPolitical Reform IIWar, Prosperity, and DepressionThe New DealPostwar AmericaVietnam EraEnd of the Century; and,The New MillenniumThey were hard times and good times.Suddenly, the new millennium exploded in front of us. Some will say it started with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Others will argue that his death was only the tipping point of something that has been brewing for decades if not centuries. This coming at the same time as the Covid-19 that has swept the world, and you and I find ourselves bombarded with the worst and best of humanity. It will be interesting for those who survive this unfathomable p…

June Blog -- Cover Reveal

June Blog Cover RevealDoes your mind do a flip-flop when you hear certain words or phrases? June Blog? My brain did a quick backtrack to elementary school, a time when the June Bug provided hours of fun and games…the idea of which was to catch June Bugs and chase each other and shove the bugs down the back of the unlucky soul’s shirt. As the runt of the litter, I can attest to the scratchy feeling of an unhappy June Bug scampering about looking for an exit from a smelly hot t-shirt. Now many years later and beyond my June Bug days, I still enjoy traipsing around memory lane, but with books and movies. Some of the scenes or the spoken words are timeless:“Go ahead, make my day,” Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan in SuddenImpact in 1983.
“Here’s Johnny,” Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in TheShining in 1980.
Montag, the fireman in Ray Bradbury’s 1951 novel Fahrenheit451, racing the Salamander to douse a book owner’s home with kerosene and burn it down; or,
Winston listening to the telescreen…

Corona or Not?

Corona or NotWe have been in quarantine for a month. There may be the twinkle of light ahead, and it isn’t a freight train barreling down on us. It’s the very slow beginning of the end which is still a long time and distance in the future. In the meantime, my wife, Gwen, and I remain fairly quarantined but certainly not prisoners in our house. Coronavirus or not, we have made adjustments to our ordinary lives and have reasonably settled into a quieter lifestyle. Among other things, it includes an ice-cold Corona and a few chips and dip to accompany it on a bright, sunny day in our courtyard or on the rear patio.

In some ways, we have made good headway on our lifestyles: creative cooking with the Instapot; experimented with the Anova pan for meat, fish, and vegetables; and, we went overboard on the breakfast omelets which includes four eggs, boiled and chopped potatoes, green peppers, chopped red onions, mushrooms, and an unhealthy serving of shredded cheese. Served with freshly grilled …