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Join us for an incredible journey around the world through the eyes of our authors and their protagonists starting in WWII Holland and continuing from to the Middle East over to Hong Kong, through the hills of Pennsylvania and deserts of Mexico, ending back in time to the eighteenth century London. We are excited to share with you our own holiday traditions and what life was like for the characters featured in our books.

Today I'm featured on the blog tour. Click on the video above 
to hear my early holiday memories with a poor upbringing in Missouri, some of which was spent in an orphanage. Also, learn mor…

The #MormonMurders and My Upcoming Novel

The #MormonMurders and my Upcoming Novel
Recent horrifying images from Mexico reveal the unfathomable violence of the Mexican Cartels. Nine peace-loving Christian women and their children were sacrificed on the altar of inhumanity in the Mexican state of Sonora, just south of the Arizona border.

Questions remain as to why these lives were so violently destroyed. However, indications lean toward specific targeting for the simple reason of one cartel establishing its power and influence over an opposing cartel.

La Linea, the armed branch of the Juarez Cartel and in conflict with the Sinaloa Cartel, is the prime suspect in the slaughter of these innocents.

My research and past experience in law enforcement in Arizona brought La Linea to life for me long before the brutal murders of these nine innocent people. Last year I spent some time along the border researching my soon-to-be-released “We Were Young Once . . . ,”

Further research into the Juarez morgue reveals an even more devastating stor…

Do You Blog?

Do You Blog?

We are off and running on the fall, 2019 blog. I’ll begin with a question I was asked recently at a local civic meeting: What is a blog? 

The answer I gave was surprisingly similar to the textbook response: There are a variety of correct answers, but the one I found that most matches me and my blog was this: 

“A blog is a page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.” 
Yes, I decided. That fits me. Why does a person blog? The answer must come from the heart. 

The blog is who I am, what and how I do things, and, what is important to me, especially in the world of reading and writing quality books. 
Who am I?

A father and grandfather to four grandchildren, all of whom live 300 miles away—close enough to be accessible, but far enough not to spoil.

A cop. Wearing a badge fifty-years provided me with a vast array of perspectives on the lives we see not just every day, but thos…